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  • Message from the President
    Thank you for your interest in the products of Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd.

    We have developed the strongest and the highest level of security glass featuring penetration resistance of the highest level in Japan, soundproof and long service life with weather resistance by virtue of the resin specially developed for resin-laminated glass with high weather resistance and excellent adhesion to glass, and we manufacture and sell soundproof security glass, blast resistant glass and bullet resistant glass.

    While film-laminated glass is suitable for mass production system, which consumes a large amount of energy for high temperature and high pressure required for pressing the interlayer film between two panes of glass in the autoclave, Hercules resin-laminated glass is firmly bonded with the natural chemical reaction of the resin under ambient temperature and pressure, which significantly reduces energy consumption.

    Recently, extraordinary weather disasters have become increasingly severe year after year, and the reduction of CO2 emissions is a global issue. For several years now, we have focused on the development of heat shield glass, and have recently succeeded in developing “Hercules 5G Heat Shield Glass.”

    Hercules 5G Heat Shield Glass, a heat shield glass with radio-wave transmission, features as high level of heat shield as Low-e glass, no disturbance in transmitting 5G radio-wave and blocking UV rays almost 100%. Furthermore, the heat shield coat is not corroded, making it possible to use in single pane with no multi-layer glazing, which is easy for storage and transportation.

    Hercules 5G Heat Shield Glass received a great response at the COMNEXT Exhibition, Next Generation Communications Technology & Solutions Expo, in June 2023. We are currently preparing for the mass production of Hercules 5G Heat Shield Glass.

    We aim for the launch of Hercules 5G Heat Shield Glass as architectural and automotive glass in about a year.

    Thank you for your attention to Hercules’ products.
    October 2023
    Corporate Mission
    Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd., through technology development in the area of high-performance resin-laminated glass, is committed to enhance safety and security in living and working environments, and reduce carbon footprint.
    Corporate Profile
  • Company name
  • Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd.
  • Head Office
  • 2-37-61 Katsuradai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 227-0034 Japan
  • Institute
  • -
  • President
  • Masaki Ijichi
  • Establishment
  • August 2002
  • Capital
  • 10 million yen
  • Business
  • 1. Development, manufacture and sale of resin laminated security / blast-resistant / bullet-resistant glass
    2. Development, manufacture and sale of resin laminated safety / energy-saving glass for residences and buildings
    3. Licensing of manufacturing technology of high-performance resin laminated glass to overseas companies